Frequently Asked Questions

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24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week.

No, a security deposit is NOT required.

Yes, and you will not lose any money. We will transfer you to the new unit and this way your due date will always stay the same date and no money will be lost.

Our preferred option is ACH, directly from your checking account to our checking account free of charge. All that is needed is a voided check. If you do online bill pay, you can set us up as a payee. A coupon book can be given to mail in or drop off your payment. An automatic credit card payment, but after your first initial move in, credit card processing fees do apply.

No proration in or out because we cycle on your anniversary date (the date you move in).

Yes, but you as the tenant must be present with the moving company the entire time.

Yes as long as you list them on your lease.

You will be given a gate access code that is mandatory to be used upon entering and exiting the facility for security reasons.

Yes, there is a designated area for short term parking. This will allow tenants beside you to have access to their unit.

Yes, we will park you in a designated area inside our gated facility and you will be instructed upon pick up of the Budget Truck as to what to do when returning the truck.

No, you bring your own or we can sell them to you.

No, we do not have access to any lock. We can cut the lock for a fee with prior notice.

No, we have the moisture barrier underneath the concrete plus we are well drained in the run ways with an approximate 2 inch lip step up lip into the units.

We have drop off slots in both of our office doors for after hour payments.

No, but our run ways are well lit with our newly updated LED lights.

No open dumpster on-site. Tenants are responsible for removing all unwanted items.

No, we are a storage facility only, not a workable garage.

Yes, free standing shelving is permitted. Shelving can not be attached to the walls or concrete floor.

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